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Surrogacy in Colombia

Surrogacy Agency Specialized for Same-sex Couples

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What is surrogacy?

Surrogate or surrogacy is an assisted reproduction technique that allows patients to fulfill their dream of forming a family with children. It is a treatment in which a woman altruistically bears a child for another couple or partner.

Make a New Family Agency

We are a surrogacy agency specialized in contacting same-sex couples or individuals from all over the world interested in forming a family with their ideal gestational surrogate in order to make their dream come true from Colombia.

Surrogacy in Colombia

At Make a new Family we are respectful of the laws and the Political Constitution of Colombia, and therefore of the rights that it professes, in the same way we respect the rights of all people.

According to the National Political Constitution of Colombia “both men and women have the same rights and opportunities before the law, therefore there can be no discrimination” This covers children with the right to have a family and not be separated from it, as well as same-sex couples who wish to legally get married.

In Colombia, same-sex couples have the same rights and obligations as heterosexual couples, including the right to procreate, in this sense the surrogacy is possible for heterosexual, homoparental and single-parent couples.

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In Colombia, surrogacy for heterosexual or same-sex couples is possible.


8 Reasons to choose Colombia

Choosing Colombia

Download our new eBook today to learn the Top 8 Reasons intended parents are choosing surrogacy in Bogotá – Colombia.

Who can be an intentional parent?

Most people who resort to surrogacy are usually: Women with no uterus or malformations of the same, same-sex couples and single men, it should be noted that all alternatives should be considered first and to take the one that best suits their needs.

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Heterosexual couples

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Homosexual Couples



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Genetic Identity

This is one of the most common concerns of our patients, because they may think that by not participating in the gestation process the baby will have genetic material of the surrogate mother. The truth is that embryos are obtained from the eggs of the biological mother or donated eggs, along with sperm from the biological father. For this reason the baby, will only have genetic material from the person who contributes the gametes.

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We help you fulfill your dream

We know how much you’ve dreamed of this moment, so now you’re closer to achieving it, if you’re thinking of starting a surrogacy treatment, you should know that Celagem is the first fertility clinic in Colombia that guarantees their patients the fulfillment of their dream of having happy babies at home. In addition, the surrogacy program has a multidisciplinary and bilingual team that will manage all the required procedures to make your family-forming dream come true.

How does it work?

Thanks to assisted reproductive techniques such as surrogacy, many women and men have managed to fulfill the dream of parenting in Colombia. Every case is different, that is why at Make a New Family we provide quality and completely personalized care to each of our patients.

Our surrogacy program in Colombia is designed for those patients who cannot get pregnant naturally and want to be parents.


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Your dream begins here.

Ready to be a parent? Your path to considering surrogacy probably began some time ago. Now you’re ready to make it happen!

By contacting us you have already taken a big step to fulfill your dream.


Personalized advice

Our specialists in the topic will offer you support and information about the surrogacy program and advice you about the appropriate type of treatment for you.

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Starting the program

Once you have decided to start the treatment, the clinic will prepare the necessary procedures in the required topics: clinical, social and legal.


Contract signing

Once the clinical treatment is established, we will sign the corresponding contracts of law that guarantees, strict compliance with the processes according to Colombian regulations.





Collection and storage of biological samples (eggs and sperm of the couple), or failing that, the participation of donated gametes (eggs or sperm).


In Vitro Fertilization and Embryonic Transfer

Once the IVF process is completed and the embryos are formed, the surrogate mother will go to the clinic for implantation.

Two weeks later, she will have a pregnancy test.




Pregnancy and follow-up

During pregnancy, consecutive medical appointments (ultrasounds, laboratory, psychological, and social work will be performed to the pregnant mother), the intentional parents will be constantly informed through our online pregnancy tracker week to week app.


Birth planning

As the date of birth comes closer, we will proceed to organize the details of your trip to Bogota, to welcome your baby.


Make a New Family

We want to approach you with experiences that have transformed the lives of many intentional parents, they have become advisors in different countries, who through their experiences will make your journey begin now

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From any part of the world subrogation is possible in Colombia.

Partners who make dreams come true

We have the most important allies to fulfill this process, we not only think about the clinical relationship, but also the well-being of surrogate pregnant women, that is why Make New Family is the best surrogacy agency in Colombia, thanks to our allies who managed to make Our clients’ dreams come true.

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