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5 Reasons to Work With the Make A New Family Surrogacy Agency

Make a New Family Surrogacy Agency

Choosing the surrogacy agency that meets the expectations of couples can be a difficult decision, especially because it is not usually a common practice. In addition to that, in most cases, the couple does not have close relatives or friends who have lived such an experience.

It is not a matter of concern if we understand that each couple is different and needs an agency that adapts to them, not the opposite. For this reason, it is important to know what the partner of an agency is looking for and under what conditions the contract must be carried out, these will depend mostly on the knowledge we have about the managed surrogacy center. Therefore, asking all the pertinent questions to the subject before and during the process reduces possible mishaps in the future.

Each agency handles information in a different way, and many times it is not known what patients think. For this reason, it is recommended that in the first visits, all doubts are noted and later clarified in that or the next sessions.
There are certain aspects that every couple must take into account when choosing the center that best suits their needs, including:

Not all surrogacy agencies aim for the same goal

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Knowing the cause that motivates them is important to coincide with a specialized center in that area. For example: There are agencies specialized only in surrogacy for same-sex couples (gay couples) or only in heterosexual couples.

The economic contribution of the pregnant woman

There are agencies that only work with pregnant women that are offered altruistically, another is where the pregnant woman requires or requests an economic contribution to help the couple, on the other hand there are also agencies that provide both applicants for your choice. In addition, pregnant women must have contracts where they are supported and assisted by the agency that processes both parties.

General budget

Knowing the economic balance (or its approximate) is an important point to rule out some surrogacy agencies, this does not mean that the lower cost agencies have fewer benefits. And the highest costs are based on each section of the contract that leads to surrogacy. And many times it includes the legal procedures of the new member to the family.

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Legal procedures.

It is important to verify that the chosen surrogacy agency handles the entire legal process of the baby, especially if the intended partner or father comes from abroad. That will save you a lot of time. If not, it is a fundamental commitment that you carry out all the procedures on your own.

Many centers have social networks or contact numbers at their disposal to establish the first communications, in this way communication is more accessible if the couple is abroad. That first contact is of the utmost importance. Empathizing with the center, where the couple feels comfortable and willing to continue the process, can make a difference.
With the prior knowledge, the couple is fully prepared to choose the correct surrogacy center. So taking into account that all the above points are available in the agency, we present five reasons to work with Make A New Family.

At Make a New Family we have a wide range of opportunities for future parents to live the experience from contacting the agency until the arrival of the new family member.


Make a New Family is focused on same-sex couples, since they are mostly same-sex couples. Scrutinizing respect for the rights of all citizens to form a family. We are one of the means that makes this reality possible. The concept of family is evolving, and with it our way of helping and improving the processes of all couples who every year seek to fulfill their dream of being intentional parents.


At Make a New Family we have contracts that include all legal procedures for the child, whether from abroad or from the interior of the country. You also get the advice you need as a principal for the legal process of the child when leaving the country. It also includes counseling throughout the surrogacy process.


The surrogacy agency is allied with a clinical center that is in charge of the entire genetic process that is carried out. From the first examinations of the patient, the study of the sperm, the donation of eggs, the fertilization of the ovum with the sperm and the implantation of the fertilized egg in the pregnant woman. Also the phases of the pregnant woman with the monthly exams that are required. Everything is in the initial contract, and is explained step by step by the agency to the intentional parents.


Make a New Family is based in the best country for this process. Colombia is one of the countries in the world with the lowest prices. Partly because the country does not have legislation that approves or restricts it and the monetary total is broken down in all the sections included in the contract and Make a New Family has some financing systems to facilitate the intentional parent.


At Make a New Family we have a central location, thus being a more comfortable place for all the couples who visit us annually. Both from the interior of the country and foreigners who do not know the geography of Colombia.

These are some of the benefits that lead you to choose a professional agency such as Make a New Family, with years of experience and certified professionals to provide the opportunity to many couples in these circumstances, whatever their condition. Our agency makes surrogacy a real benefit that is much closer than you might imagine.