Make a New Family – Surrogacy for Gay couples

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At Make a New Family we know the power of love.

We are Love

Surrogacy Agency in Colombia

Providing International Surrogacy Services in Colombia Specialized for Same-sex Couples

Trust is created as a family

We are a surrogacy agency with more than 10 years of experience, which specializes in generating direct links between the intended parents and the institutions responsible for the surrogacy process, “specialized clinics, surrogate pregnant women and game banks (eggs and sperm) “They participate in this complex, but very comforting process when intentional parents become our family and part of the family of institutions involved throughout the process.

Advidsors around the world, with real experiences who have traveled to Colombia and become intentional parents thanks to our surrogacy programs in Colombia.

We are all family

Our main objective is that each one of you, have the complete security that with us in the not too distant future you will have the family you want. We work with same-sex couples (Homoparenterales) from the LGTB community, Heterosexual couples and single men or women. Our main premise is that each one of those involved must be convinced that we are human beings that we have Families, helping others to form families with humanity and humility.

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In Colombia you can become an intentional father regardless of your country of origin.

Make a new family is the visible face of a group of institutions that work hand in hand throughout this process, thus providing advice, peace of mind and trust for future parents, since each of you will have the opportunity to meet depth to the surrogate pregnant woman, the institutions that are in charge of the psychological and clinical social study of each one of them, we propitiate that this relationship be fraternal and long-term, because they are responsible for changing the lives of the intentional parents, and they their life, in this way and under our methodology the two parties feel supported and accompanied during all phases of treatment, including generating lasting relationships throughout life, because we will be part of their history.

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Experts in assisted reproduction treatments.

Celagem is our main ally, it is the most important assisted reproduction clinic in Latin America and one of the most recognized worldwide, they have a team of experts who will make the dream of becoming intentional parents come true.

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Intentional Parents

It is our commitment and responsibility to turn your parenting dream and grow your family, we will do our best to start this journey and achieve your dream.

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Thanks to clinical and foundation support, substitutes receive constant care, guidance and support. they can have the security they need with Make new Family,

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Egg donors

Egg donors are young women between 20 and 29 years old, perfect eggs to generate a healthy pregnancy that allows you to become an intentional mother.

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Foundation for surrogates.

The foundation guarantees maintenance and affiliation to health services, access to training programs in productive activities, and advice and management in the acquisition of their own home.

We work to make you happy

Many times when intentional parents have searched for miles of options until they reach the subrogation reached full of questions and fear, we know that they have gone through different answers, many times negative, what we want from Make a new family is that you go through this process with ease. and without stress, we take care of making this dream come true through Institutions specialized in human reproduction, with clinical and psychological personnel, non-profit institutions for the management of surrogate pregnant women, and legal personnel, in this way always the parents Intentional and surrogate pregnant women will be cared for in a comprehensive way, in this way they will have an unforgettable experience for you and your family that you will always remember positively.