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At Make a New Family we can create happy families.

Surrogacy Programs and Cost

At Make a New Family our specialty is raising families through surrogacy.
Our team is available to guide you and see the options you can take to start this journey.

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Surrogacy costs in Colombia

Many couples have decided to fulfill the dream of becoming intentional parents in Colombia, they fully see how our organization transforms the lives of many people, and also how we can build a society with values, inclusive and much more human.

We carry a message of love to the entire world, we believe that the power of change is reflected in a life full of love. You can choose Colombia for the benefits it has to offer, also for the professionalism, quality and transparency of our allies who participate in this process.

You can have the peace of mind that everything will turn out well, your future family is the most important thing for us.

How much does surrogacy cost?

This is one of the most important questions when making the decision to become international parents, although it is a complex and time-consuming process, it is necessary to understand what expenses are involved in the surrogacy process.

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Colombia vs other Countries?

Colombia is undoubtedly the best destination to choose a surrogacy program, not only because of the costs, but also because of the conditions and professionals that comprehensively guarantee this trip, both for your clinical team and for the safety and protection of the surrogate.



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Legal Isues:

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Aprox. Costs ($US):

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Subrogation is allowed only for heterosexual married couples and must be shown with a certificate that they have fertility problems, all these certificates will likewise be reviewed and confirmed by Ukrainian gynecology and obstetrics specialists.
Donors can only be Caucasian.

Aprox. Costs ($US): 40.000

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In Colombia we help you become a parents.

Surrogacy Programs


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Advantages of Applying to Intentional Parent.

A decision for life

Applying to intentional parenting in other agencies can be really complex, with us you only have to worry about having enough love that you will soon receive.

The advantages of intentional parents when contracting with Make a new family are: Affordable costs and ease of financing, 100% Guarantee of pregnancy in the process of IVF, you can be sure that we use the latest technology in the technical part of IVF treatments (PGT-A, Screening Pre Concepcional etc).

We have professionals who maintain psychological attention throughout the pregnancy of both the surrogate and the intentional parents.

El parto se realiza en instituciones privadas con expertos en ginecologia y obstetricia., usted tendrá contacto permanente y directo con los directores o personal de las instituciones involucradas: Agencia, clínica y fundación. 

Gracias al poder de la tecnología usted podrá realizar un continuo seguimiento del proceso en tiempo real por medio de la aplicación web Clínica Celagem.

Nuestra base de datos de donantes de óvulos está conformada por cientos de mujeres jóvenes brillantes que están ansiosas por ayudarle convertirse en padre.

Nuestros procesos son completamente transparentes, usted puede estar seguro en el aspecto legal durante todo el proceso, ademas de tener una comunicación directa con la gestante subrogada garantizando 

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Frequently asked questions of expectant parents.

At Make a new family we know that you can have thousands of questions and we are here to solve them.

Make a new Family is the only agency that has its own fertility clinic and works hand in hand with the Grandes Corazones Foundation to safely and efficiently approach the entire Surrogacy process.

Download our ebook for free, why choose Colombia to start my journey.


Not in Colombia, the surrogacy is altruistic and voluntary, the Big Hearts Foundation is in charge of introducing these wonderful women who are willing to help them raise families.

If you want to make contact between fertility specialists, there will be no problem with our fertility and reproduction specialists CELAGEM contacting your doctor.

The surrogacy process takes approximately one year to a year and a half on average, but may be less than the estimated time.

The direction of the legal part will be carried out by the CLA law firm.

If you have any questions that are not included in this list, please let us know by clicking the button below.

You do not know Colombia?, We invite you to know it.

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